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Amateur Radio:

Name Call Sign Location Comments Web Site Date entered QRZ On Line Directory and resource website for amateur radio enthusiasts. 16 11 2019
RSGB GB2RS Bedford Radio Society of Great Britain - providing training, support and resources for radio Hams 19 11 2019
dmkradio G6KWA Cambridge History of CDARC 19 11 2019 HamCall On Line Directory and resource 19 11 2019
m0zpk M0ZPK On Line Resource site for electronics and amateur radio etc. 21 11 2019
SCARS G6TW Crewe Small amateur radio club meets in Crewe 22 10 2019
CDARC G2XV Cambridge Excellent club in Cambridge 25 10 2019
Article about dB na On Line Interesting and useful explanation of the decibel and how it relates to power and antennas 30 12 2019