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Title Author Summary Date Read
Last Night in Montreal Emily St John Mandel A compelling story about a girl, called Lilia, who spent her childhood on the run with her father 30 10 2017
Station 11 Emily St John Mandel Post apocalyptic tale of a traveling theatre and how they cope in a lawless & more primative world. 10 05 2017
The Clifton Chronicles (7 books) Geoffrey Archer Biographical fiction of the Cliffton & Barrington families, their shipping company & adversaries. 21 02 2019
The Enemy Lee Child Army based murder mystery 07 08 2019
The Lola Quartet Emily St John Mandel Old school band members lives are unpicked as the various members try to make sense of their lives. 10 11 2017
The Navigator Clive Cussler Adventure based on sunken treasure 01 11 2016
The Persuader Lee Child The hero of the plot thwarts a kidnapping & gets in with a very secretive family 20 06 2019
The Photographer Craig Robertson A chilling tale of a serial rapist & how his collection of photographs lead to his arrest. 20 10 2018
The Singers Gun Emily St John Mandel Mystery thriller based around smugling 06 02 2018
The Thirst Jo Nesbo Crime thriller with extreme murders 06 02 2018