Amateur Radio:
NameCall Sign Location Category Comments Web Site
66 Pacificna On Line Reference Useful calcs for Magnetic Loop
AA5TBAA5TB On Line Club Mag Loop design notes
Article about dBna On Line Reference Interesting and useful explanation of the decibel and how it relates to power and antennas
British Vintage Wireless On Line Club Vintage wireless
CDARCG2XV Cambridge Club Excellent club in Cambridge
Cricklewood Electronicsna On Line Supplier Useful electronic supplier
CW opsna On Line Training Morse Code learning resource
dmkradioG6KWA Cambridge Reference History of CDARC
GHz Europe - Scatterpointna On Line Forum UK Microwave Group
Hack Green SDR Nantwich Reference Great Web SDR
Hack Green SDR VHF Nantwich Reference Great Web SDR
HamCall.netHamCall On Line Reference Directory and resource
Hey What’s That On Line Reference Great site for assessing terrain from a given point.
IW5EDI SimoneIW5EDI Italy Reference Useful calcs for Magnetic Loop
Jeroen SteadmanJeroen -tba- Reference Antenna Design Calculations
Knights Electrocomna On Line Supplier Good prices for sundres and misc equipment
LCWOna On Line Training Morse Code learning resource
Learn Morse with CWComVK2IAU On Line Resource Morse code tutor
Long Island CW Clubna On Line Training Morse Code learning resource
m0zpkM0ZPK On Line Reference Resource site for electronics and amateur radio etc.
ML&Sna On Line Club Martin Linch & Son
Nano VNA Calibrationna On Line Reference How to calibrate a Nano VNA
QRZ.comQRZ On Line Directory Directory and resource website for amateur radio enthusiasts.
Roger LapthornG3XBM On Line Club Here is a guy with a lot of experience in radio
RSGBGB2RS Bedford Organisation Radio Society of Great Britain - providing training, support and resources for radio Hams
SCARSG6TW Crewe Club Small amateur radio club meets in Crewe
Survival Tech NordOH8STN Finland Reference Interesting and useful reference site
SVC Filter Design Toolna On Line Reference Design Filters with standard value components
TXFactorNA On Line Reference Great TV on line
Verulam John Walsh Articlesna On Line Reference A set of reference articles for amateur radio
Waters and Stantonna On Line Supplier Well established and respected supplier of equipment
WSPRK1JT On Line Reference Description and guides for WSPR
WSPR Coding Process Andy TalbotG4JNT On Line Reference Insight in to WSPR coding
WSPR Project by Anthony Le CrenF4GOH On Line Reference Great looking WSPR project to try
ZLP ElectonicsG4ZLP On Line Supplier Ham Radio Ancillaries
Name Location Category Comments Web Site
All Top Notch Cheshire Supplier Component supplier
Arduino On Line Reference Code for Arduino
Cricklewood Electronics On Line Supplier Useful electronic supplier On Line Club Electronics, code, tools etc
Elektor On Line Publisher Online electronics magazine
Farnell On Line Supplier Electronic Compoments and more
PCB Way On Line Supplier PCB Manufacturer
RS Components On Line Supplier Electronic Compoments and more
Turners Workshop On Line Reference Professional wood turner
Vutrax On Line Reference Free PCB Design Software
Name Location Category Comments Web Site
A List Apart On Line Reference Web design articles
ABC of SEO - book On Line Reference SEO Book
Amazing counters On Line Reference Web counter
Atom On Line Reference Great editor for web code
Barleywood Woodturning Specialists On Line Supplier Woodturning
Blasamiq On Line Resource Web design User Interface Tools
Code Pen On Line Reference Useful site for testing code
Codeply On Line Resource
Color hunt On Line Reference Web colours
CSS Box Model On Line Reference CSS Box Model explained
CSS Buttoncreator On Line Reference Useful button creator tool
CSS font stack On Line Reference
CSS Zen Garden On Line Reference
Dave Shea On Line Reference Revised image replacement
Dribbble On Line Resource Ideas for websites
Emojipedia On Line Reference Source of emojis
Fasthosts On Line Supplier Web hosting
Favicon On Line Reference Favorite Icon generator
Flat Icon On Line Reference Source of icons for web pages
FontAwesome On Line Resource
Free Icons On Line Resource
Get Bootstrap On Line Resource
Giphy On Line Reference Source of free gifs
Google Fonts On Line Resource font selection
Hampshire Sheen On Line Club Wood finishing specialist On Line Standards CSS validator
Larry Ullman On Line Reference Books and online courses
Lorem Ipsum Generator On Line Reference Random text
Mozilla Developer Network On Line Reference Great source of definitions for web developers
Owen Briggs On Line Reference CSS Layout demos
Page Validator On Line Standards Check your web page
Petr Stanicek's css rollovers On Line Reference css rollovers
Realworld CSS On Line CSS CSS
SEO Chat Page Rank Search On Line SEO Search Engines
Sneak peek it On Line Resource Downloadable outline sheets for web pages
Stack Overflow On Line Forum Good forum for questions with good answers
Stuart Langridge On Line Reference Web Design Site
Submit Express Analysis tools On Line Reference Submit Express Analysis tools
udemy On Line Training Great web training courses
UI Patterns On Line Reference Website layout patterns On Line Reference emojis and special characters for websites etc
w3 Accessibility On Line Standards Accessibility
W3.Org On Line Standards Web standards
WayBackWhen Web Time Machine On Line Reference Web archive resource
Webcredible Rollovers On Line Reference Rollovers using CSS On Line Supplier Web standards
Name Location Category Comments Web Site
Code 4 book: Control Your Home with RPi On Line Reference
Python Documentation On Line Reference
Python Tutorial On Line Reference